Please see the urgent message below from our friends at RUN Ministries. Their teams in northern Iraq are struggling to provide food for the tens of thousands of ISIS survivors under their care and protection. Please click here to help now, or keep reading to learn how you can make a life-changing and lifesaving difference!

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From: Eric Watt, RUN Ministries
"I have asked Him to do what we cannot"
Date: March 20, 2015

From the Desk of:
Eric Watt
President, RUN Ministries

Dear <#first_name#>,

I just received an email from a faithful friend who described what is on all of our hearts:

You are doing so much to help! I pray for protection and that your supply is enlarged for the aid of those who run from ISIS. Having come to the place where there isn't any more we can do, I have prayed for God to send Manna. He has done it and can do it! So I have asked Him to do what we cannot: Send help to His people and their friends. Thank you for hearing. Manna in some form will come. He is Faithful.

All of us are in this together, and we can never stop praying for God's miraculous intervention. Your support, both prayerfully and financially, makes a life-changing difference. We have already dispatched the funds that have been donated recently for food. By this weekend, we will be helping many eat well and regain their strength.

If you are in a position to give, I ask you to be generous for the sake of those who have no voice, no hope and no future without our assistance. Click here or on the image below to help RUN Ministries provide urgently needed food at our "Community of Hope" refugee camps in northern Iraq:

Donate to RUN Ministries

Our goal is to provide three healthy meals every day for every refugee. It costs RUN about $8 per person, per day, to purchase and ship food, water, medicine, shelter and other much-needed relief supplies to ISIS survivors in our "Community of Hope" refugee camps.

This week, I have been asking for gifts of $80 to help 10 refugees. So many RUN friends have responded that I'm overwhelmed by their generosity. If you are able to help too, please click here now and make a tax-deductible gift of any amount toward ending this urgent food crisis.

But even if you can't donate today, please take action by praying for us. As my friend wrote above: "Manna in some form will come. He is faithful." I believe that, and I'm confident you do, too. Prayer is a powerful tool in the life of a believer. We need it -- and so do the thousands of refugees we care for and protect!

Thank you, in advance, for making an eternal difference in the lives of persecuted Christians, Yazidis and other religious minorities in northern Iraq.


P.S. More food will be arriving at our "Community of Hope" camps this weekend! But your tax-deductible gift of any amount is still desperately needed to provide three healthy meals every day to thousands and thousands of persecuted Iraqi refugees. Please help RUN Ministries continue to rescue, renew, restore and rebuild the lives of ISIS survivors. Click here or on the image below to support RUN's ongoing relief efforts in northern Iraq, as well as other vital outreaches:
Donate to RUN Ministries.

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