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I received more bad news from northern Iraq, where RUN Ministries volunteers are risking their lives to rescue Iraqi Christians and other religious minorities. RUN Ministries president Eric Watt sent me the following disturbing update about his teams' ongoing rescue efforts:

In the midst of our teams working day and night, risking their lives to rescue people from evil, I received two devastating reports. First, another one of our own team leaders was captured by the terrorists. His efforts to explain that human beings have worth and should not be slaughtered fell on deaf ears, and he was killed.
Then I just received another list of the Yazidis who have been taken by ISIS. We are getting the names and locations of people trapped and the locations where they are being held. There are so many (sometimes 100, 200 or 1,000 kept in one place), and they have been forced to watch the terrorists brutalize family members and take their daughters.
Our teams are doing everything possible to rescue displaced Iraqi Christians and other religious minorities. But the terrorists are armed, dangerous and determined to destroy everyone who is not a Muslim. 
This is not the time to give up or allow other current events to lessen the intensity of our support and response. Peoples' lives are at stake and we must do everything possible to help them!

Members of RUN Ministries' network of believers are continuing their difficult, dangerous and lifesaving work, despite the constant threat posed by ISIS terrorists. Eric's teams of volunteers are, quite literally, risking their lives to provide food, water, shelter and protection to thousands of displaced Iraqi Christians and other religious minorities.

Will you please help them today?

You can play a vital role in meeting the desperate need that exists in northern Iraq. As I told you on Thursday, there are more than 500 families waiting for RUN's "Community of Hope" refugee camps to be built. One has been completed, but five more are still needed!

Relief for Iraqi Believers

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation of any amount. Go here now to help RUN Ministries continue their difficult and dangerous work:

RUN is standing in the gap for hundreds of families who have been forced from their homes and lost everything, even loved ones, to ISIS violence in the region. Your donation of any amount will go a long way to helping Christians and other religious minorities in northern Iraq.

Thank you, in advance, for your gift.

Steve Elliott, Grassroots Action

P.S. Please click here to stand with RUN Ministries and help rescue thousands of Iraqi Christians and other religious minorities whose lives have been turned upside down by ISIS terrorists.


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