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Steve Elliott


Today, I'm asking every Grassroots Action team member to do one thing ...

I'm asking you to take a very important step with me that I can't promise will change our nation, but it just might change you. And that's the first, vital step to changing our nation.  I'm asking you to ReIgnite.
What do I mean by "ReIgnite"?

Simply put, I'm asking you to re-engage in the battle for the very heart and soul of our nation ... t
o "put your shoulder to the plow" with me ... to join with hundreds of thousands of patriotic Americans in taking your place in the line of battle!

Go here to ReIgnite.

I'm not asking you to make a "pledge." I'm not asking for financial support. I'm just asking you to say "I'M IN!"

It may sound like a simple thing, to "ReIgnite." On the contrary, I believe "ReIgniting" is the very key to our success or failure as we move ahead.

Let's face it. The last six years of bludgeonings from Obama and betrayals by RINOs have caused far too many of us to give up all hope and retreat from the battle. 
Here's a sampling of what I've been hearing far too often ...

"They are all crooks!"

"I don't want to hear another thing about politics."

"There's nothing we can do to stop Obama."

I'm sure you know people who are just too fed up to fight. They won't call Congress. They won't sign petitions. They won't let their voice be heard.

It's a deadly virus of discouragement that threatens to kill our nation at the grassroots! 
And this has been their plan all along. Both the Left and the RINOs fear grassroots conservatives. Their strategy has been to beat us down and marginalize us in hopes that we will retreat from the battle. In many ways, they have won.

And if you and I are honest, this virus of discouragement has infected us as well.

I have felt it, especially over the past few months. I was shocked the other day when a good friend who has always been a FOX News junkie told me he is so fed up, he cannot watch FOX News any more!

+ + We're Fighting Back!

Here at Grassroots Action, we're fighting back.

My team is moving boldly into the coming months with a plan that puts all the tools and resources needed to help transform this nation directly into your hands. We are going to put grassroots citizens back in the center of the battle ... with the practical tools and training you need to fight AND WIN -- in your communities and in our nation.

That has always been our mission here at Grassroots Action -- to help you expand your impact. There is not another organization like Grassroots Action in the nation. We have never been about building a huge "Grassroots Action" institution. We exist solely to equip you while building the largest and most vibrant network of grassroots citizens in the country so, together, we can impact our nation.

That's why we're launching "ReIgnite" -- and the single most important thing you can do to help launch this effort is to go here now and "ReIgnite"!

+ + Our Gift To You When You ReIgnite ...

When you take a minute today to ReIgnite, we will give you immediate access to our newest resource, "A Patriot's Guide To ReIgniting For 2016."  This exclusive resource shows you step-by-step how you can make a real difference in our nation in the days leading up to the 2016 election. 

Go here to ReIgnite and request immediate access to "A Patriot's Guide To ReIgniting In 2016" -- available only to our friends who ReIgnite.

I'll be sharing more about our ReIgnite plan in the coming days. But for now, I'm asking you to take this important step with me and join the ReIgnite effort.

Thanks so much for the stand you are taking!


P.S. Please go here to ReIgnite with Grassroots Action, and be sure to request your FREE copy of the "Patriot's Guide To ReIgniting For 2016."


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