We know your time is precious -- especially now during the Holiday Season, so all we're asking is that you accept our invitation to visit Grassroots Action's all new Patriot Action Network (PAN).

Big things are happening at Patriot Action Network, but before you scroll down looking for a link, give us a moment to point out a few important things that will make your Patriot Action Network experience the best it can be.

Patriot Action Network is quickly establishing itself as THE premier liberty movement alternative to Facebook. Free from liberal bias and control, we've created a social networking environment where likeminded people can communicate, collaborate and build in ways that translate into offline political success.

With more than 95,000 members and growing, Patriot Action Network is made up of highly active, politically educated American patriots who refuse to surrender to an administration and political system that counters their world view and beliefs.

But Patriot Action Network is not a political organization. With more than 100 new members joining everyday, we are a social network that facilitates and enables Americans to be more influential with their political activism from local to state and  national levels.
As we've seen in recent weeks, change isn't going to come from the Republican establishment. Change starts at the local and state levels before bursting on the national stage. This is the very reason Grassroots Action started Patriot Action Network, and why it's so important -- especially now, for patriots to unite in cause and concern.

Click here to experience the all-NEW Patriot Action Network. Browse the site and consider joining by clicking the blue "JOIN NOW" banner at the top of the page. From there you'll have opportunities to become a part of your state Action Groups. Once here, receive news feeds, interact with likeminded patriots living in your state, and begin to affect change at local and state levels!

As Grassroots Action founder Steve Elliott so aptly pointed out, "these are trying times. But we cannot -- we must not -- shrink back." Utilizing the newly-launched Patriot Action Network, conservatives have an opportunity to boldly advance!

Thank you for partnership with us.

Your Friends At Grassroots Action

P.S. If you haven't yet stepped forward to help Grassroots Action meet it's $50,000 year-end need. Please consider doing so by clicking here. Your gifts of $20, $40, $100 or more will help Grassroots Action continue leading the charge for liberty and limited government!



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