July 30, 2014


In just two days, Grassfire's own Eric Odom will hold up 50,000 petitions gathered from around the nation signaling the start of our BORDER CONVOY!

Your petition is not yet on file. Go here now to ensure that your petition is among those held up in front of hundreds of citizens in Murrieta, CA to signal the start of our BORDER CONVOY.

Every petition represents ONE AMERICAN who is standing in spirit on the "thin red line of liberty," and fighting for the very soul of our nation!


+ + 10,000 Petitions Needed In 21 Hours

I've just been told that the deadline for receiving petitions is tomorrow at 12 noon CST.

That means we have about 21 hours to make our goal of 50,000 citizen signers of our
"Stop Obama's Illegal Invasion" petition -- the very petitions Eric will be holding up in front of hundreds to signal the start of our week-long Border Convoy; the very petitions that he will drop on Sen. John McCain's desk the following day in Arizona -- condemning his attempts to criminalize the behavior of citizens like you and me for defending our towns, homes, and families from Obama's invasion!

As I write this alert, we are just 10,112 petitions shy of our goal, and I'm asking EVERYONE on our incredible team who hasn't yet signed this important petition to do so right now by going here.
After signing, use whatever time remains to forward this alert on to your family and friends. Let them know how lawmakers are working to criminalize law-abiding citizens for confronting the government's illegal behavior. Make sure they know that Grassroots Action will be on the frontlines of this illegal invasion -- challenging the media to tell the real truth about what is happening on our borders.


Urge them to click on the RED bar to add their name and be part of this important presentation -- both in Murrieta and in John McCain's office on Saturday!


Also, and just as importantly, Click here or on the image below to share this petition on Facebook:


Thank you in advance!

Your Friends At Grassroots Action

P.S. After alerting your friends, bookmark Grassfire's Liberty News Twitter feed for all the latest information.

P.P.S. Grassfire's BORDER CONVOY represents the last line of defense before our nation is overrun and fundamentally changed forever. In the hours remaining push back against Obama's Illegal Invasion into cities and towns across the nation first by adding your name to our petition and then alerting your friends today!

Important note: Some Grassroots Action team members aren't receiving our regular alerts. Please add to your inbox so you don't miss future updates. Thank you.


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