October 20, 2014


Growing numbers of lawmakers are speaking up about prohibiting all non-essential commercial travel from Ebola-ravaged nations, including Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, as well as instituting a mandatory 21-day quarantine order for any American who has traveled to stricken West-African nations where more than 4,500 have already died ...

Tomorrow, you have an opportunity to speak up about the growing Ebola crisis.

Beginning Tuesday, Grassroots Action representatives will be combing out across Capitol Hill hand-delivering tens of thousands of "Stop Ebola Flights" petitions to leading members of Congress including Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), House and Senate leadership as well as the Health and Human Services Department, and the Center For Disease Control.

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Following last week's Ebola House panel, more than 70 members of Congress had joined the call for banning flights to disease-ravaged areas -- among them Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA), who said,
"The trust and credibility of the administration and government are waning." He added that the U.S. should "do everything in our power to keep the American people safe from the Ebola outbreak in West Africa," including a travel ban.

<#first_name#>, if you share Murphy's concern, and want the U.S. to take more aggressive steps to safeguard our people, go here now.

Thank you for the stand you are taking!

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P.S. Just hours from the start of the petition presentations, we are still several thousand petitions short of our 25,000 goal, so after adding your name, alert your friends and family to join you by forwarding this message via email, and sharing it on your Facebook page by clicking on the icon below:

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